Rubis Suriname recently distributed back-to-school bags filled with supplies to 50 students of three public schools and one special education institution in the Commewijne district.

OS Meerzorg 1, OS Meerzorg 2, OS Meerzorg 3 and SO Mon Tresor received the backpacks as part of a collaboration with RUBIS, Roy Boedhoe Enterprises (RBE) and the Lions Club Commewijne. 

The Lions Club does many social projects in the Commewijne district and approached the schools. Thereafter the principals identified children who needed new school bags. The backpacks were filled with notebooks and some writing material from RUBIS and RBE.

The students sang a song of thanksgiving to the presentation team, while at SO Mon Tresor a tree was planted to symbolize growth that bears fruit.

The Lions Club, represented by Mr. Gangadin, Mr. Wazirali and Mr. Changoer, was pleased to participate with Rubis and RBE as they work to support children in these very difficult economic times. 

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