The American Organization Caribbean Spay Neuter will be conducting 3 large scale animal spay/neuter projects this year, in cooperation with Stichting Animal Rescue Suriname, in an effort to curb the huge overpopulation of (stray) cats and dogs.

The first project was held from 21 – 30 March 2022. The next one will be held in June. The goal is to sterilize 250 – 300 animals during each project in 4 days. So far 9 projects have been organized and 2885 animals have been spayed or neutered. To put things into perspective: one pair of un spayed/unneutered dogs and their offspring can create 67,000 dogs in just six years.   Your support is key in solving this vicious cycle of overpopulation.

Neither Stichting Animal Rescue Suriname nor Caribbean Spay Neuter’s volunteers are paid. The volunteer Veterinarians and Veterinary Technicians pay their own tickets to Suriname and do the surgeries completely free of charge for Suriname.

Through donations from animal lovers abroad, Caribbean Spay Neuter is able to purchase all the medical supplies and anesthesia medications in the USA and ship them to Suriname.

Through additional donations they try to cover the local expenses, such as accommodations, meals and ground transportation for the Veterinary teams as well as rentals of tents, chairs, tables etc. for the project site.

The organizations are here with asking you if your company is willing to support Caribbean Spay and Neuter/Stichting Animal Rescue Suriname  to cover the local costs. All donations or other means of support are well appreciated.

During the project a small fee is requested from the dog/cat owners for the surgery. These funds will be used to help continue the work of Stichting Animal Rescue Suriname.

Their mission is to provides shelter for dogs and cats that require special (medical) care/treatment and for whom there are no known alternative shelter or adoption options. Currently they have 100+ animals in their care.

The are hoping to raise the budgeted amount for 2 more projects:

Thank you in advance for considering joining us in the movement to end animal suffering and cruelty as a result of dumping unwanted pups and kittens on the streets of Suriname.

With your permission they can post your company logo on their facebook page to mention your valuable contribution to the project.

Banking instructions:

Name account: Stichting Animal Rescue Suriname

Bank: Finabank

Bank accountnumber: srd  1000968494

Facebook page: animalrescuesu

Facebook page: caribbeanspayneuter



Caribbean Spay Neuter Fundraisings Coordinator Suriname

Angelique Tjang-A-Sjin



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