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The purpose of this letter is to seek interested partners for the development of activities at the North Facility, which is adjacent to the existing Dr. Jules Sedney Termi- nal. In this context a market sounding document has been produced that is available on our website “”.

The scope of this document is to discover the potential business opportunities that could be developed in the North Facility.

N.V. Havenbeheer Suriname therefore kindly invites interested firms to indicate the type of activities they wish to develop in the North Facility including their cargo generating potential that will ensure additional economic value to our port and the country of Suriname.

This market sounding is not part of an official procurement procedure. It is merely intended for N.V. Havenbeheer Suriname to uncover the potential of the Northern Facility. The gathered information will be used by NV Havenbeheer Suriname to determine the vision for the future development of the North Facility. In the next step firms will be invited to submit their proposal including a detailed business case.

The interested firms are requested to submit the following information:

 Business case to provide insights into the activities that the North Facility will

be used for including :

– Potential use of the quay side

– Traffic forecast of the potential activities

– General overview of the use of the North Facility

 Commercial presentation of the firm

 Contact details of the representatives of the firm

 Links to relevant websites, documents, brochures etc.

 References of similar activities

 Acquired certifications or accreditations of the firm

Interested companies are invited to submit the documentation needed for this market sounding until 15/07/2022 24:00 h to the following email address :

For more information about this market sounding you can send an email to or call (597)404044 extension 103 or 104.


N.V. Havenbeheer Suriname warrants that it will not make public , or disclose to any third party, the information, or any part thereof, submitted by the respondents to the market sounding document .

Havenlaan Zuid 5 . T +597 404044 / 403625 / 404641 / 404086

P.O. Box 2307. F +597 403691 . .

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