The Ministry of AWJ is hosting an International Labor Organization (ILO) mission in the week of July 5 to 9, 2022 that will technically assist Suriname in the reform of its social security system. This will be done through a Social Protection Perfomance and Expenditure Review (SPER), as a result of the second Decent Work Country Programme for Suriname (DWCP SU ll) that is currently under implementation.  The Core Diagnostic Instrument (CODI) will also be used.

VSB is actively contributing and participating in the DWCP SU ll, and therefore also closely wor participating in the SPER. The DWCP SU II and measures related to the social security system are also included in the Tripartite Agreement concluded in November 2021 between the government, the business community and the trade union movement. With this visit to Suriname, the mission has officially started the evaluation and reform of the current social security system. To this end, stakeholders are consulted and, by means of training sessions, they are informed of the latest developments in the world in this field. Among the stakeholders, who will be closely involved throughout the process, are the relevant ministries and the various organizations active in the field of social security such as funds and councils.

Preparations are being made for Suriname’s accession to the Social Security Convention 1952 (No. 102), which prescribes minimum standards in the area of social security. For example, this convention provides guidelines on minimum standards for social services and social insurance such as: medical care, pensions, old age care, disability, pregnancy and childbirth, disability, survivor care, unemployment, etc.

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