On the 14th of july 2022, the recently installed Labour Advisory Council (Arbeidadviescollege-AAC) paid an introductory visit to the Minister of Labor. The council, led by Mohnie Baulall has its agenda for the 2022-2023 legislature ready. The intention is to continue the work of the council in close consultation with the minister. The minister has agreed to meet with the AAC on a quarterly basis to discuss mutual expectations and progress in the work of AAC. The Minister also indicated that for him, Decent Work is a high priority on the agenda. This topic is also on the agenda of the AAC. 

AAC is a tripartite advisory body, which includes representatives of the government and Employer the Trade Union. On behalf of the business community, 4 representatives (2 VSB and 2 ASFA) have a seat in the AAC. AAC’s general task is to advise on the preparation and implementation of government policy on labor matters, in the broadest sense of the word. AAC advises the Minister responsible for labour matters, either on request or of its own accord.

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