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The key to success is often the ability to ADAPT. If you can do that, you can get through anything that comes your way.

With the rapid pace of digital transformation, it’s more important than ever for businesses to make thoughtful choices about their innovation and technology strategies.  

Being the only commercial data center in Suriname and having the expertise inhouse when it comes to colocation, consultancy and

innovative cloud solutions, Datasur offers companies tailor-made ICT solutions that meet your business requirements and needs.

Our focus is providing you ICT solutions at an affordable rate. Apart from being cost effective you’ll also benefit from a more productive and efficient way of doing business with value creation for your customers or partners.

Based on the Strategic plan that Datasur has set out for 2022-2026 a sectorial approach will benefit both Datasur and the end consumer.

After several discussions with a few lawyers in our client base, we organized a workshop at the beginning of the year to further map out the needs of this sector.

That’s why Datasur launched a Web application for the Legal Sector on June 22nd, 2022.  The attendees received a demo from Datasur Web Developer, Rushil Ramautar, who build the web application. Check out the link for the interview. Web Application for the Legal Sector.

Rushil Ramautar, Web Developer Datasur

The web application offers the following features:

  • Run your practice remotely 
  • Easy and customer friendly set up or installation 
  • Centralize and securely store data in the cloud
  • Centralize all email communication in the app
  • Manage who has access to your files
  • Create customer invoices
  • Schedule meetings

It’s important to us that the Legal sector can focus on their core business. Our web app supports them in efficiently and effectively handling their daily activities.

As part of the Sustainable Development goals we at Datasur believe that every company deserves to grow through innovation driven Digitization.

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