Who are we?

Founded on March 28, 1950 with the aim of promoting the economic and social well-being of the community, the VSB can proudly be regarded as the leading employers’ organization in Suriname. 


Dedicated to working towards a competitive entrepreneurship that produces high-quality goods and services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.


The VSB is the leading representative and advocate of the Surinamese business community and as an employers’ organization strives for a leading role in the region.

Core values

Corporate Governance/Corporate Social responsibility
Social dialogue in tripartism
Legal certainty, legal order

The Legitimacy of the Suriname Business Association

The VSB, founded in 1950, has grown in the 72 years of its existence into an umbrella employers’ organization of member companies. It stands up for the interests of its members and is committed to promoting the economic and social well-being of the Surinamese community.

Development Vision

The VSB was founded on March 28, 1950. Pursuant to the Articles of Association of May 7, 1993, it has a twofold purpose, namely:
  1. Representing the interests of its members and
  2. Promoting the economic and social well-being of the community.
The VSB partly derives its legitimacy from Article 32 of the Constitution of 1987 in Article 32, which states: “The interest groups of entrepreneurs are authorized to defend the rights and interests of those they represent and to stand up for them”.
Because of the second objective of the Association, ie “promoting the economic and social well-being of the community”, VSB distinguishes itself from other organizations of entrepreneurs as an Employers’ Organization.
This objective entails a number of specific responsibilities for the VSB. Especially in the last decade, the concept of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ has gained worldwide recognition among employers. This means that the business community is partly responsible for sustainable development. Companies must seek a balance between the financial aspects of business management (profit, economic return and guarantee of continuity) and social and ecological aspects (people and the environment).
The VSB thus represents the bona fide business community and as such must maintain the right balance in the promotion of both objectives of the association: business interests and the interests of society. This leads to the development vision of the VSB which is based on the following components:
  • Improving legislation and regulations regarding the optimal functioning of the business community, both nationally and internationally;
  • Improving and raising industrial relations within companies;
  • Developing tailor-made ‘business development services’ for VSB member companies aimed at innovations, training, quality improvement, research projects, improvement of the entrepreneurial culture, including ‘corporate governance’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’;
  • Improving the competitive position of Surinamese companies in the region through optimal participation and utilization of the process of globalization;
  • To become one of the most prominent employers’ organizations in the region;
  • Providing excellent service to VSB members through the VSB Bureau.
For the Suriname Business Association, sustainable development is a comprehensive process in which a society makes sustainable progress in an integrated and inclusive manner in the economic and social field, taking into account the environment and the need to preserve it.
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