The composition of the Executive Board is as follows:

⦁ Mrs. R. Bissumbhar, Chair

⦁ Mrs. M. Kotzebue, Vice -Chair

⦁ Mr. J. van Charante, Treasurer

⦁ Mr. H Hiralal, Member

⦁ Mrs. A. De Bye, Member

The other members of the board and their deputies are:

Group Representative Deputy
Agriculture Mevr. A. de Bye Dhr. Revinh Ramnandanlall
Banking Mw. Sandy Cameron
Trade Dhr. H. Hiralal Dhr. C. Issa
Industry Dhr. Gerard den Dekker Dhr. Roger Hogenboom
Mining Mevr. S. Sowma-Sumter Dhr. Dimitri Lemmer
Tourism Dhr. J. van Charante Mevr.  S. Ang
Transport Dhr. T. Mendonça Dhr. Stefan Ferrier
Consulting Mevr. A. Sonai Dhr. Achmed Nijhort
ICT Dhr. Nilesh Bishesar
Timber Dhr. B. Chin Ten Fung Mevr. A. Dilweg
Oil&Gas Mevr. Daniela Herkul Dhr. Todd Watkins
Verzekeringswezen Mevr. P. Mahabiersing Mevr. S. Oostwijk
VSB Young Management Dhr. A. Ramlakhan

The occupation of the VSB Bureau is as follows:

Ms. Sherida Mormon (Director)

Mr. Kamlesh Ganesh (Deputy Director)

Ms. Natasja Robles (Office en Business Support Manager)

Ms. Sylvana Paragh (Finance Administrative Support Officer)

Ms. Marllon van Ommeren (Liaison Officer)

Mr. Seran Naarden (Liaison Officer)