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SDG and Private sector
Several good “SDG initiatives” have been developed by the private sector in the recent period. The VSB has had an important leading role in this. In this article posted on our website you may find the contribution and responsibility of the private sector on the SDGs. The goal is to motivate and mobilize companies to contribute to achieving the SDGs by linking corporate goals, mission, vision, core values, core business and performance indicators to the SDGs wherever possible. This in order to provide insight into how companies are already contributing to the achievement of the SDGs and how to increase this contribution.
In cooperation with the United Nations (UN) Suriname and the VSB, a customized SDG training was developed for the private sector, in which approximately 200 people participated. The follow-up (return day) clearly showed how the private sector can contribute and how many good innovative ideas have already been developed/implemented.
In a series of 14 videos (#TaketheBall), inspiring SDG statements were given by the United Nations Suriname, 11 CEOs of large Surinamese companies, the chairman of the VSB and finally by the President of the Republic of Suriname.
The VSB committed itself to keep contributing in achieving the SDG’s. We will in this regard continue our efforts in the SDG Country Commission, the Decent Work Country Programmes and several voluntary activities from the bureau and our members. 

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