The Decent Work Monitoring Commission of Suriname was the host of a two day workshop regarding the next steps towards a third Decent Work Country Program in Suriname. The Decent Work Country Program Suriname II (2019-2021) (DWCP SU 2), which has been set up for a period of 3 years, will expire in a few months. The VSB is one of the three pillars of the tripartite decent Work Country Programme. In this context, the VSB is represented in the Monitoring Committee by Kamlesh Ganesh (Deputy Director VSB) and Charlene Soerodimedjo (representative of the member company Door Advisory).
The third interim report was presented to the Minister of Labor, Employment and Youth Affairs in July 2022. An extension of the DWCP-SU II program was also requested from the ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean for 1 year, due to the covid-19 pandemic.. On December 13, 2021, the ILO Decent Work Team and Office for the Caribbean agreed to extend the program for a period of 1 year to complete the remaining action points. The ILO has also been informed of the importance of the Decent Work Country Programme, as it is mentioned  in the Tripartite Agreement as well as in the Recovery Plan. 
The two day workshop focused on the outcomes of the second DWCP and the priorities for a third program. The ILO Caribbean Office shifted her whole Decent Work team to Suriname for a week to technically assist the Monitoring Commission in the discussions. 
The results of the discussions during the workshop will be validated in November of 2022. According to the timeline DWCP SU 3 should be operational on the first day of 2023. 
Some of the results of the DWCP SU 2:
  • Introducing gender-sensitive regulations (Sexual Harassment and Violence: in DNA 2nd Round, WAG: announced) – Realized
  • Paid Leave Act: Holiday Act – Approved RvM; now at Council of State
  • Employee Registration Act: Approved RvM; now at Council of State
  • Labor Disputes Act: Passed State Council ; Must go to DNA
  • Equal Treatment Act (in DNA: Second Round)
  • Modernization of Accident Regulation (SOR): Approved RvM; now at Council of State
  • New work permit law: Designed – Passed Labour Advisoryboard (AAC)– Must go to RvM
  • Social Dialogue Companies Act (in DNA)
  • Adjustment of the Skilled Caricom Citizens Act: in DNA
  • Reform Mediation Council for the whole of Suriname (staffing, legislation on the way to DNA)
  • Labor Chamber (2nd attempt; HvJ Regulations amended
  • Ratification 4 ILO Conventions: Approval RvM: to Bibis for further processing
  1. Convention on minimum social security standards (C102)
  2. Maternity Protection Convention (C183)
  3. Labor Inspectorate in the Agricultural Sector (C129)
  4. Minimum Wages Convention (C131)
  • Social dialogue training (AAC): Pending
  • Evaluation of the functioning of the social security system: Social Protection Expenditure Review ongoing: Suriname is 1 of the 50 countries in the Social Protection Floor Flagship Program; synchronization with Sozavo (IDB).
  • Developing a strategy for the Labor Inspectorate (tripartite): with procedural adjustments, training (basic and in-depth) and reorganization: Work plan in the development of LI and ILO: not much progress. Goal: so that LI can perform its core tasks (3) better. Expansion of national LI operation (sectoral, geographical, indigenous and tribal peoples, rural areas, maritime). Challenge: capacity LI/AI to generate change
  • Develop active labor market policy (economic diversification (agriculture, tourism, greening the economy) and entrepreneurship (women, young people, rural): Long-Term AMB Committee: Realized
  • ALMP/ALMP: the policy to help the unemployed to find work and income as quickly as possible (reducing unemployment):
  1. Mediation services (vacancy bank)
  2. TVET programs (ongoing)
  3. Wage subsidy programs (public/private)
  4. ALMP can be developed by a National Employment Council (work group): to consider
  • SAO curricula reform after tripartite consultations: in process: ILO engaged
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship in schools (national) Not realized
  • Entrepreneurial training (WG, WN, TVET organisations): In process
  • Training for Labor SAO/RACO/SPWE: In process
  • Inventory of measures to improve the business climate: EESE: Enabling Environment for Sustainable Enterprises: EESE Report already validated; to be picked up by Center of Innovation and Productivity. Center Board to be installed in September 2022.
  • Promotion of cooperatives in rural areas: Ongoing

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