Our last group of participants in the training in Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) for 2022 is successfully ending her training. This training is part of the efforts of the VSB in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals, and in this regard SDG 8 (Decent Work).

Last week the first group of participants had their last session after 3 weeks of intense work through a newly developed platform and interactive sessions. The last session was in the light of a wrapup and preparation for the examinations which are scheduled for next week.

Some of the participants (12 modules) have already successfully passed their exam. The last part of this group (29 moduled) will be taking their exam in december.

The EOSH package covers the essential aspects of Occupational Safety and Health and can be used to meet  workers’, supervisors’ and line-managers’ training needs. It consists of (depending on the participants choice) 12 or 29 training modules which cover the essential notions of Occupational Safety and Health, under two main headings: General concepts and Specific risks.

This was the last EOSH training provided by the VSB for the year 2022.

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