Exciting developments in Suriname’s energy sector! President Chandrikapersad Santokhi made a memorable appearance at the VSB booth following the SEOGS expo launch. Delighted to launch a captivating tourism video produced by VSB, aimed at promoting Suriname’s allure as a prime tourist destination.

With thousands of participants from Suriname and around the globe, the Suriname Energy, Oil & Gas Summit and Exhibition (SEOGS) 2023 has sparked tremendous interest. This international conference, running from June 19th to 22nd, also features a diverse showcase of local and foreign businesses.

The discussions centered on the immense potential Suriname holds in harnessing carbon credits for sustainable development. The roundtable participants acknowledged the importance of collaboration among various sectors to fully capitalize on this opportunity. The lively exchange of ideas and the commitment demonstrated by the participants showcased Suriname’s determination to become a leader in sustainable development. Read more.

We are delighted to share the key highlights from the recent VSB Roundtable held as part of SEOGS 2023. The roundtable focused on “Carbon credit potential in Suriname for sustainable development” and featured esteemed speakers like Rudolf Elias and Minister Stanley Raghoebarsing. Panelists presented on sectors like banking, agriculture, agro, tourism, and sustainable development goals, emphasizing Suriname’s potential and the importance of collaboration for sustainable development. The lively exchange showcased Suriname’s determination to lead in sustainability.

Self Reliance, NV TON, Optiek Ninon and VSB Young Management showcased their diverse range of services catering to the oil and gas industry at the event in our booth.

The Suriname Oil and Gas Summit & Expo was a platform where stories took center stage in the captivating segment, “VSB Talks.” Esteemed members shared their unique contributions to Suriname’s development, offering inspiring insights into their remarkable journeys. From entrepreneurs to visionary leaders, their narratives ignited the spirit of progress and showcased the limitless possibilities within Suriname’s oil and gas industry. Together, we celebrated their achievements and embarked on a new chapter of Suriname’s vibrant story. Even young professionals eagerly seized the opportunity to share their stories during the Suriname Oil and Gas Summit & Expo’s enthralling segment, “VSB Talks.” These emerging talents, filled with passion and drive, stepped onto the stage to narrate their unique journeys and contributions to Suriname’s development. Their voices echoed with enthusiasm as they unfolded tales of innovation, resilience, and the transformative power of youth. With unwavering determination, these young professionals showcased their prowess and demonstrated their commitment to propelling Suriname’s growth forward. A special thank you to NV Randoe Meubelen for their gracious sponsorship of a sofa, adding comfort and style to “Fueling Progress with VSB Talks” event.

During SEOGS, VSB’s deputy chair, Mervel Kotzebue, contributed to a panel on D&I and Workforce Development. Key points included:

  • Vision: To be Suriname’s leading business organization with a strong focus on Code of Conduct and good corporate citizenship practices.
  • Mission: Dedicated to promoting competitive entrepreneurship that produces high-quality goods and services in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
  • Main Goal: To enhance the economic and social well-being of the community.
  • VSB is the official employer partner of the ILO’s Decent Work Program, aligned with UN SDGs.
  • Priorities: Employment promotion, social protection and dialogue, skills development, gender equality, occupational safety, and green jobs for sustainable development.

The Women’s Economic Empowerment Program during SEOGS 2023, Day 3, is an initiative spearheaded by Ileana Fearber of Colebrie Business Development. She received direct support from Lisanne Tuyeehut of T Made Advisory, Marny Daal from Fossil Energy Consultancy Suriname NV, Reina Kolf of TMA Academy, and Sherida Mormon from ABIC Consultancy/VSB Director. The objectives of this event were to provide support to women-owned businesses, inform them about opportunities in the energy sector, and foster collaboration among participants. This year’s program includes both mentoring and networking components. Yesterday, these accomplished women pitched their businesses to several potential buyers.

It was day 3 of the Suriname Energy, Oil & Gas Summit and Exhibition (SEOGS) 2023, and the atmosphere at the expo was buzzing with excitement. Hundreds of participants from Suriname and around the world had gathered for this international conference. As the afternoon sun began to set, a cheerful energy filled the air. At the VSB booth, a Happy Hour event was about to commence. The Happy Hour was sponsored by one of their esteemed members, NV TON, and it promised to be a memorable networking opportunity for all attendees. Word had spread quickly, and soon a diverse group of representatives from local and international companies in the energy, oil, and gas sectors, as well as related industries, governments, and institutions, gathered at the VSB booth. Glasses clinked, laughter echoed, and conversations flowed as people exchanged ideas and forged new connections. The Happy Hour proved to be a well-received moment of camaraderie and collaboration during the expo. It provided a relaxed setting for professionals to engage with one another, building relationships that could potentially shape the future of Suriname’s development.

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