The  tripartite Commission on the adoption of a Long-Term Labour Market Policy presented her final document on the 13th of september 2022  to the minister of Labour.

The mid-term labor market policy for Suriname reflects the wish and willingness to address one of the priority areas identified in the Suriname Decent Work Country Programme 2019-2022 (extended), specifically “Outcome 1.1 – active labour market policies” under the “Pillar 1 Economic Diversification and Social Progress”. It represents a concerted attempt to plan concrete and implementable actions aimed at extending and upgrading the current offer of labor market policies in the country and warrants better support to all Surinamese citizens.

The policy development process, which took place between October 2021 and July 2022, is the result of an inclusive and extensive tripartite dialogue between national stakeholders under the aegis of the tripartite Commission on the adoption of a Long-Term Labour Market Policy (CLTLMP) for Suriname. VSB was also part of this tripartite commission.

Representatives from the Government of Suriname, employers, workers, and academia, came together to define the main challenges facing Suriname in terms of employment and unemployment, workforce participation, labor inclusion, employability, education, training, skills and entrepreneurship, as well as the options and institutional capacities necessary to face these challenges in favor of various target groups including youth, women, rural persons, people with disabilities, and the long term unemployed. Their expertise, contribution and commitment proved invaluable.

The work of the CLTLMP and the formulation of this document have been made possible with the support of the International Labour Organization. Minister Steven Mac Andrew, after the presentation of the outcomes of the document assured the tripartite parties that the implementation of the activities suggested in the report will be taken seriously.

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